Sangria Fruit Infusion


Sangria is the perfect drink on any occasion, now you can enjoy that amazing flavor without the alcohol! The mix of these spicy ingredients creates a great aroma mixed with a festive taste.

SUMSUM tea infusions are packed with natural benefits. They are rich in flavors, colors and aromas, overflowing with pure goodness.

Ingredients: Ginger (18,00%), Pineapple cubes (15,00%)
(Pineapple, sugar), Apple (15,00%), Apple (14,50%),
Ginger candied (contains traces of sulphur dioxide)
(12,00%) (cane sugar, ginger), Mango cubes
(10,00%) (Mango, sugar), Apple pomace (4,80%),
Vanilla flavoring (2,50%), Cream flavoring (2,50%),
Marigold flower petals (2,00%), natural flavoring*
(1,50%), Acid: Citric acid (1,20%), natural flavoring
(Sangria flavoring) (1,00%).

Net weight: 170g.

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