Apple Cider Fruit Infusion


Sometimes you just want to have a festive drink in the evening, am I right? Apple cider definitely brings that comforting spicy vibe. A mix of sweet and warm spices will add that holiday feel to your day.

SUMSUM tea infusions are packed with natural benefits. They are rich in flavors, colors and aromas, overflowing with pure goodness.

Ingredients: Mango cubes (Mango, sugar), Currants, Pineapple
cubes (Pineapple, sugar), Papaya cubes (Papaya,
sugar), Apple, Beetroot, Apple, natural flavoring
(Apple flavoring), Cinnamon, Acid: Citric acid,
natural Cinnamon flavoring with other natural
flavorings (Cinnamon flavoring).

Net weight: 170g.

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