International Franchise Opportunities
Sumsum franchise will offer its rich experience in retail and marketing to our franchisees with supply Sumsum premium products. The franchisee will receive full assistance from our design and marketing teams from inception to everyday activity.
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    What is my responsibilities in the setup process?
    You will be responsible for the following: Provide the location of the store and initiate the negotiation process for the lease and get a Memorandum of Understating (MoU) with the lessor. Engaging with a local constructor and architect. Getting all the necessary permits and licenses to operate a SUMSUM store. Hire a store manager prior to launch. The manager must be approved by SUMSUM in order to start his training. As mentioned, SUMSUM provide a nearly full support in the setup process, however, SUMSUM encourage you to be involved, as much as possible in the process.
    What is the recommended size of the store?
    The recommended size of a SUMSUM store is between 50-80 sqm with a minimum of 35 sqm of retail space and a minimum of 15 sqm of storage space.
    What is the recommended location?
    The recommended locations for of a SUMSUM store are premium retail locations such as Malls and high-level streets, and food markets.