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We proudly present you SUMSUM. Home to the finest foods made of the highest quality sesame seed, one of the oldest cultivated and exquisite crops in the world, drenched in healthy minerals, proteins and vitamins.

Halva and Tahini are the stars of the show!

These beautiful products will enrich your taste buds and ignite the senses of everyone you share them with. We've created more than forty different flavors of halva and tahini, in addition to other products such as tea, date honey, a diversity of cookies and exotic fruit bars.

All our products are inspired by our travels in the Middle-East, Africa & the exotic islands of Asia. 

The results are crystal clear! Succulent flavors, top quality products, full satisfaction of the taste buds by these unique treats, ensuring an excellent experience. Enjoy!



Who are we?

SUMSUM literally means sesame. Our brand name is a homage to the original name of sesame seed which originated in the Middle-East. Our assortment however has a worldly touch since we believe in the beauty of connecting people and cultures. SUMSUM presents a fusion of flavors and foods from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This makes us more then just a unique concept store!

When you visit one of our branches, you will find six categories with our products but there is more to come. We are ambitious and aim to grow fast to connect the finest foods to your world, and those of others. 

That is why we invite you to join our tasty journey!


Franchising Opportunities

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Owning your own SUMSUM concept store is an excellent opportunity!

We are seeking individuals with significant business experience, who have successfully owned or managed multiple business units, and have significant financial resources.

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We invite you to create your own journey at SUMSUM discover the marvels of our natural, healthy & unusual treats.

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Join the SUMSUM family!



Join the SUMSUM family!