Ginger kurkuma tea (without sugar added)


Sangria is the perfect drink on any occasion, now you can enjoy that amazing flavor without the alcohol! The mix of these spicy ingredients creates a great aroma mixed with a festive taste.

SUMSUM tea infusions are packed with natural benefits. They are rich in flavors, colors and aromas, overflowing with pure goodness.

Ingredients: Ginger (18,00%), Pineapple cubes (15,00%)
(Pineapple, sugar), Apple (15,00%), Apple (14,50%),
Ginger candied (contains traces of sulphur dioxide)
(12,00%) (cane sugar, ginger), Mango cubes
(10,00%) (Mango, sugar), Apple pomace (4,80%),
Vanilla flavoring (2,50%), Cream flavoring (2,50%),
Marigold flower petals (2,00%), natural flavoring*
(1,50%), Acid: Citric acid (1,20%), natural flavoring
(Sangria flavoring) (1,00%).

Net weight: 170g.

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