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Chocolate tea, what a concept! Now you can enjoy chocolate in a healthy way with this antioxidant-packed cocoa bean’s mixed with the super healthy matcha tea.

SUMSUM tea infusions are packed with natural benefits. They are rich in flavors, colors and aromas, overflowing with pure goodness.

Ingredients: Organic Cocoa husk (20,00%), Organic Cocoa bean
(18,75%), Organic Barley malt (15,00%) [Cereals
containing gluten and products thereof]**, Organic
Chicory root roasted (10,00%), Organic Genmaicha
Matcha (organic roasted rice, organic green tea,
organic green tea Matcha) (10,00%), Organic
Coconut pieces (9,00%), Organic Carob (8,00%),
Organic Cocoa powder (5,00%), natural flavoring
(Caramel flavoring) (2,00%), natural flavoring
(Popcorn flavoring) (2,00%), natural flavoring
(Biscuit flavoring) (0,25%)

Net weight: 170g.

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