Brazilian Coffee


Region-Sul de Minas-with mild temperatures and an average altitude of 1000 m, this region have been producing 30% of the country’s coffee.

The Farm– Fazenda Passeio owned by Adolfo Henrique Vieira Ferreira is located in the southern part of Minais Gerais, Brazil where an abundance of specialty coffees is grown. Adolfo’s family has been producing coffee in the region for over 3 generations. Adolfo put his heart and soul into his work and is fully committed to obtaining the highest quality coffee.

Roasting level-light roast 190-210 degrees.

Flavors that you should taste – full body, low acidity, and notes of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, and a hint of sweetness.

Best use for

French Press/Filter
The French Press is known for brewing coffee with a full, heavy body. Because the French press is a full immersion brewer, the ground coffee sits in the water for up to 5 minutes. It is perfect for coffees that are naturally lower in acidity. It also helps to pronounce the sweet chocolate notes of the coffee.

These beans are just made for espresso. Again, it’s the full, sweet, chocolatey character that helps to make the perfect shot of espresso as the low roasting temperature reduces the bitterness that is usually common in Espresso coffee.

Cold Brew
Most people want their cold brew to be smooth and refreshing. Brazilian coffee excels at smooth and refreshing, especially when brewed cold.

Coffee beans – 250gr

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