Colombian coffee


Origin-Colombia- the third highest producer of coffee.

The Farm– San Isidro- owned by Don Leo– is located at 2200 meters above sea level in a rich and fertile volcanic ground that feeds and foggy forest of Parque Avi, the harvester girls of the farm, carefully select and pluck each coffee berry from the trees. The proud tradition of Don Leo’s forefathers greets the wise counsel of the most advanced coffee laboratory in the world, Achieving the most delicate and balanced selection process you can taste.

Roasting level-light roast 190-210 degrees

Flavors that you should taste – bright acidity, Medium, creamy, round body with a rich taste, citrus-like acidity, and a fruity flavor, sometimes with notes of chocolate with a prolonged aftertaste.

Best use for

The relatively mild flavor of Colombian coffees makes it ideal for espressos- they can be roasted dark without turning overly bitter.
Filter or cold brew
The dripping water (cold or warm) over the ground coffee is a great way to release its rich flavor and the broad taste notes in this very high-quality Colombian coffee.

Coffee beans – 100gr

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