Merry Christmas everyone!

by SUMSUM / 21.12

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here! Beautiful decorations are hanging all around us, colorful Christmas trees everywhere, cheesy perhaps but cheery music we all hum to, some of us will even have a white wonderland to play in...Everything just feels more cozy& nice during December am I right?

In just a couple of days we will get the chance to stop everything, surround ourselves with family and friends and spend quality fun time together. Eating is of course at the center of all holiday celebrations!

So what will you be serving your guests this year? Looking for that tasty side dish that will WOW your guests?

Here is a delicious idea created by Chef Wouter Weststrate for SUMSUM.

It's Christmassy side dish to compliment any main dish you are preparing-
Dates honey roasted carrots with pomegranates and pistachios, and tahini-sauce on the side.
And yes, it's as tasty as it is beautiful!

We wish everyone celebrating a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy new year!

Until next year..Enjoy!